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Dental Plans

Day-one benefits on most dental insurance plans. Preventive visits covered at 100% with network providers. Network providers charge 25-50% less than their regular rates, which can save you money.

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Get answers to your claims questions from award-winning claims representatives Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to Midnight and Friday from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central Time

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Vision Plans

Choose from two vision insurance plans with VSP or EyeMed provider network savings. Plans provide an allowance for many out-of-network services and materials.

Frequent Questions


Why should I choose an individual dental or vision plan from Ameritas?

Individual plans from Ameritas offer affordable dental and vision benefits to those who are unable to receive benefits through an employer. Each plan provides different levels of coverage to meet your needs- $1,000 or $2,000 annual maximum per person. read more

What does vision insurance cover?

As a rule, vision insurance has some level of coverage for the following:
  • Eye exam: The insured is entitled to one vision exam per year. You will pay a co-pay of $10-$20 for most insurers
  • Eyeglass frames: This benefit usually comes as an allowance. Depending on the coverage level, you can receive a $130 allowance up to $150. This benefit is also once per year.
  • Eyeglass lenses: Lenses will be benefited as a copay. Most are around the $20-$30 amount, also per year.
  • Contact lenses: For contacts, you could see either a copay or as an allowance.
  • LASIK surgery: Most insurers offer a discount on a type of vision corrective surgery. The discount amount varies from company to company but is generally about $500.
read more

Do I Have to Use an In-network Dentist If I Enroll in an Ameritas Dental Plan?


No. With Ameritas dental insurance plans, you have the freedom to use any dentist you would like.

You do not need to select your dentist from a list of network providers to qualify for benefits and coverage. However, if you purchase a network plan, you have the ability to lower your out-of-pocket costs and receive the greatest savings when you utilize a Ameritas Dental Network provider. read more


Is using a Health Insurance Agent or Broker Free?

The short answer: Yes! In most cases, using a health insurance agent or broker is free. Since most insurance companies pay agents and brokers, there's no charge to the consumer for services like ours. You can also schedule a consult with one of our agents. read more

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Independent Health Agents: We Are Who We Are!

We are independent health insurance agents.

Independent of alliance to any particular health insurance carrier. Which means our recommendations and advices are always unbiased. We always put our client financial and health coverage needs first regardless of the enrollment decision made.

We work with clients from all over the USA. We do our best to always offer the best in class insurance products in terms of coverage and financial feasibility read more...

iHealthAgents specializes in the individual insurance market experience in 46 states. We employ local, experienced licensed agents that are available for individual consultations to answer all of your questions at your pace.

Qualified plans include many free services! Many medical services are covered at no cost
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