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Frequent Questions


Is using a Health Insurance Agent or Broker Free?

The short answer: Yes! In most cases, using a health insurance agent or broker is free. Since most insurance companies pay agents and brokers, there's no charge to the consumer for services like ours. 100% free. You can also schedule a consult with one of our agents. read more

Is There An Alternative to ACA for 2024?

A short-term plan is a catastrophic plan that is a cheaper alternative to individual health insurance. It's not for everyone, but will protect you from catastrophic medical costs.

What are the typical reasons that people get short-term health insurance?

  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for employer group coverage to start
  • Waiting for Marketplace coverage to start
  • Traveling outside of network area
  • A recent college graduate
  • A temporary or seasonal employee
  • A dependent no longer covered under parents plan
  • on strike, laid-off, or a terminating employee
  • read more

Why should I choose an individual dental or vision plan from Ameritas?

Individual plans from Ameritas offer affordable dental and vision benefits to those who are unable to receive benefits through an employer. Each plan provides different levels of coverage to meet your needs- $1,000 or $2,000 annual maximum per person. read more

Is the Silver Plan Metal Level Right for Me?


You might consider a silver plan if you wish to use your health insurance for minimal preventive care during the year but don’t require regular visits to the doctor, such as to manage a chronic health condition.

If you qualify for a cost-sharing reduction you will want to select a silver plan from the ACA federal marketplace or your state exchange to receive that subsidy. Try our subsidy calculator by starting an application.

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Independent Health Agents: We Are Who We Are!

We are independent health insurance agents.

Independent of alliance to any particular health insurance carrier. Which means our recommendations and advices are always unbiased. We always put our client financial and health coverage needs first regardless of the enrollment decision made.

We maintain our licenses and certifications with state departments up to date without lapse. Annual training with CMS, FFM,, Covered California , Pennie, and Connect for Health Colorado. read more...

iHealthAgents specializes in the individual insurance market experience in 46 states. We employ local, experienced licensed agents that are available for individual consultations to answer all of your questions at your pace.

Qualified plans include many free services!Many medical services are covered at no cost
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