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Is using a Health Insurance Agent or Broker Free?

Yes! Our agents do not charge for our services and online enrollment is 100% free. You can also schedule a consult with one of our agents.

Is There An Alternative to Obamacare for 2023?

A short-term plan is a catastrophic plan that is a cheaper alternative to individual health insurance. It's not for everyone, but will protect you from catastrophic medical costs.

Does Your Website Offer Every Plan Available?

We currently offer health insurance plans for individuals and families living in 34 of the largest states. We offer plans from every major carrier in each state we are licensed that is considered "A" rated or better.

Does Your Website Offer the Cheapest Prices?

Yes, we offer the cheapest (and only) prices. Health insurance prices are regulated by your state’s Department of Insurance, and the price that you pay will be exactly the same no matter where you buy insurance – whether it’s online, over the phone, from the state or federal exchange, or even directly from an insurance company. Since prices are the same everywhere, you can take advantage of the tools, advice, and support that we provide without having to worry about paying anything extra.

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iHealthAgents specializes in the individual insurance market experience in 46 states. We employ local, experienced licensed agents that are available for individual consultations to answer all of your questions at your pace.

Qualified plans include many free services! Many medical services are covered at no cost
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